This is the first time i place the pic of my boyfriend on the blog. This looks so stupid because it gives my readers an impression that I am in my oestrus. But, hey, I am only twenty something and he looks really cute in this one.
I had a wonderful Saturday night. The occassion: I introduced one of my best friend to my boyfriend's colleague. Let's give them codes: Oreo for my best friend, Sniper for my boyfriend's colleage.

On seeing Sniper, I thought, oooh, big shit, he looks kinda cute but he is definitely not Oreo's type. Truth told, I have no idea what Oreo's type is, she is excellent in keeping her romances secret. We meet at a kereoke, and no chemistry at all in the first hour. My boyfriend smartly made a quick decision to leave the kereoke (because he was the only person singing?), and moved forward to a wharf/dock/pier. Anyway, it is a beautiful place to enjoy the moonlight.

At the entrance to the wharf is this booth, where you can shoot the balloons and get prizes. We had great fun last time when all balloons were shot and I got a teddy bear. (Taht reminds me that I should take a pic for the teddy and blog it.)

Now that my boyfriend brought Sniper, I asked them to pull over at the booth. t was a great pity that Oreo was talking on the phone when the both men scored 10/10.

Actually, I had a crush to go over, grab her phone and smush it, when she missed this. I held my impulse...successfully, though unwillingly.

At the first try, the two shot the ballons that are fixed on the board. After they get acquainted with the guns, they tried teh ballons on moving targets.

It was incredible, I have to say. Uh....that strikes me that I can call my borfriend Mr. Incredible, but it somehow sounds a bit sexual...forget it.
I have to say, it was incredible, and passer bys were applauding for the two. It was a moment of pride, though during which I was simply standing and watching.

In my experience, the full score thing doesn't piss off the booth owner, for my boyfriend could always attract a crowd and some challengers. And the boss will make such a big fortune that he will not care about giving us a teddy bear. But this time was different cause it was over midnight, and there were only a few people on the streets. He was a bit upset with Sniper and my boyfriend.

Then I got pissed off, with Oreo speaking on the phone again, though she made this "WOW" face at the disappeared balloons. But...I brought her a guy who won her a toy puppy.

That coined with my presumption that Sniper was not her type. As I was giving up my hope, my boyfriend started talking about his work. And MIRACLE!!!

Sniper was very funny! I mean, he knows how to make girls happy. He talks about his job, which is supposed to be boring, in an interesting manner.

When tension/awkwardness was gone, I felt released and comfortable. I listened to the boys and found out a part of my boyfriend taht I was not familiar with.

I dunno, do you consider a guy in his mid-twenties a boy or a man? They can be really childish sometimes. For example, the two of them bought ice creams, and decided to eat in front of two kids. Thanks for Oreo, I have them photoed. They were eating the ince creams in front of the kids and acting like the ice creams may be the most exquisite delicacy that they have ever tasted. It was so inductive. As a result, a boy went to her mom, (or grandmom? no idea, the moon was not bright enough...) crying for the ice cream. Big success, boys.

I may be thought of as immature to hang around with this childish man, but, truth told, being happy is really important in a relationship. According to Leagally Blonde, Endorphine makes you happy, adn happy people just don't suffer. (I paraphrased a little.)

Happy people can solve problems with ways that suffering people can never come up with. Okay, I understand that the chance Oreo and Sniper in a relationship is small but I want to prove that there are guys to make her happy. Points cleared. Time to go to bed, good luck for Sniper, and sweet dreams for Oreo.

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  • Interesting entry Shirley.. who cares about being childish? In fact, we are all childish sometimes,rite? i would like to go back in time and live my childhood again, but i guess it's never gonna happen !!!